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Whangamata – Surf N Stay

After the first month in Piha, I decided to woof. Just work for accommodation and enjoy the beauty of late summer in New Zealand. Whangamata. A beautiful place. The difference between Piha and Whangamata is really big. Wild nature vs cultivated surroundings. And the waves? They copy the countryside. I love the waves in Whangamata. The bar is perfect. Sometimes crowded but during the week, it is nice. The wave after the wave is just the same and you get the real pleasure to surf this spot. Love this point break. The beach is also sweet. Gentle waves can create nice sets of long runs. This is a good place for a beginner.


I woofed in Whangamata. It means that I worked for accommodation. Good thing was that surf equipment and breakfast was also included. What did I do? I made beds, vacuumed and prepared breakfast. But yeah, I surfed a lot. That is why I was there. Good thing was that they desperately needed a new logo which is my field. I decided to do just a redesign so the old logo stays the same because the brand has been already established on the market. So I was back in the game where I knew the rules. I also sold my pictures.


Whangamata was a place, where I just wanted to surf, drink beer and take a good care of myself. Think about future and stuff. I met some amazing people down there. I played the tennis on the most amazing court on earth. Chilled, super cool. This is it. I love the place. I’ll come back there.

I also celebrated there my 27th birthday. At first with other backpackers and owners and then with local builders where I was going to sit by the fire and for a beer sometimes. And both parties were epic!

The crew and the owners
Clark Island and Whangamaga on the right
Smooth line
Getting barreled
Evening sky
Cyclone the Cook
A road to Onemana
Onemana tennis court
Sorrounding of Whangamata
Pink sky of Whangamata evening
Style of lonboarding
Myself on a longboard
Birthday party
Playing in the fire
This appeared when I turned the tile in the fire. I was terrified.
Cheers Felix



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