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Summer of 2019: Cash Flow Summer, Surfchamp, River Surf

Summer! The period of the year when everyone goes on 150%. Sun, sport, music, new friendship. After 2 years traveling back home for it to enjoy the summer here in the Czech Republic and Europe.

Cash Flow Summer

On the 27th of June, I and my brother Tomáš went together to a festival Cash Flow Summer which is in the name of education, personal development, nomading, connections and investment. Three days on the beach full of inspirational people, stories and sun. Electric bikes, wakeboard, jet surf or ice bath under supervision of lectors/biohackers Veronika Jelínková and Libor Mattuš made us fresh and ready to absorb the information to broaden our knowledge in topics like fin-tech, crypto, VR, personal development or future technologies.

Originality and good vibe made this event really special. On top of that, the attitude of the young entrepreneurs gives me good hope about the future of humanity as many of them contribute to society and establish or support nonprofit organizations. Giving back attitude might transform the business itself as these individuals can bring up their companies with a good moral codex. The event was great and full of inspiration. Thank you to Tomáš Zdražil for organizing.


Surfchamp 2019

The next day after the program on CFS, I went to Prague to travel to Seignosse, Hossegor, West Coast France with my fellow Martin Dolejš. During 1700 km, which we did in a great time of 17.5 h, we resolved all the trouble of the world. Unfortunately, regarding tiredness, we forgot all the solutions. What a pity. 🙂

Do you know the feeling, you are so tired having a beer but can’t sleep feeling like being hit with hammer so you just thoughtlessly stare? You can really enjoy this feeling if you are in the place where the gentle breeze brings you the atmosphere of a nice surf camp where only you care about is the swell, the wind and the girls around of course! 🙂

Many feelings, people with different background and stories. Colourful place. These outlaws are connected by one thing. The passion for a sport which logically doesn’t have any background in the Czech Republic. Surfing. Danger, watch out! Highly addictive.

Surfchamp 2019 was a championship of Czech and Slovak surfers which is a nice competition but more than that it is a place where the community goes together to enjoy small waves of June in France, party and have a good time. In my heat I ended up last but in points I did some so was not the last totally at the end. Boys were good and with my inexperience with right-handed waves I had no chance. The not advancing was a fortune for me as I could go surfing nice chest-size left-handed sets with only two french guys on the spot with me so I had many nice waves. Otherwise, the winners and the grooms deserve respect. Good waves they had. Surfchamp 2019 – surf, party, people, great French cheese and wine = pretty good event.


San Sebastian – tapas, busking, busted

Cottage number 16 was popular because of the jam sessions. Me, Martin Dolejš and Marek Matas, we jammed together with Radek Kašpar, famous saxophonist from J.A.R. (a band not the country). It worked well so we decided with boys we should go to try busking in San Sebastian as it was the plan to go there for a trip anyway. After the great tapas, the view over the city and the bay we went to search for a spot to make it happen. We chose a unique spot in front of the door of a baroque basilica of Saint Marry. Singing and rocking crow in front of us counted at least 60 people as we were putting more and more song for them. Finish? Busted. Isn’t it the best rockstar finish?


River Surf

Amazed by a week in France me, Martin Dolejš, Tomáš Vítek, Jirka Mayer and Jozki Balcar we went down south from Bratislava to Čunovo where there is a great training spot for a dryland surfer. Not only you learn how to turn and improve your stance. You also have a good time with guys from Slovakia. Surf, Bratislava, Dunaj, párty on the boat with terrible music and good weather made another unforgettable weekend with friends.

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