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Piha – first month on New Zealand

Piha is an iconic place. Everyone who comes there has to be amazed by a stunning view of a massive beach with a Lion Rock in the middle. Big mountains covered with a jungle where you can find a tall Kitekite waterfall, black sand beach with big waves and beautiful sunsets.

Piha is the place where none’s pushing. After a work, many guys meet each other in a local RSA (which is a kind of a club established all around New Zealand for a memory of fallen soldiers in world wars). There is a cheeper beer which is expensive anyway. Compared to Czechia and other European countries, people watch rugby and surfing there. Rugby is a bit boring for me but surfing is nice to watch. The best thing is talking about the sport, getting to know who is the best in World Surf League and who was fishing last time. Then a crazy thing is to hear that in the sea there are sharks around. Some people saw 7 meters long ones. But they are rare and I hope they have enough food there. For a person who is not used to an ocean, it is weird.

Panorama of Piha


The first month I worked as a labor on Danny’s house. I painted and helped to repair the house. I got this job thanks to hitchhiking. Not only I made good money I also met my first friend – Danny. I also painted his dry toilet door for what he gave me my first surfboard. On the door, there is him and orca which he met 20 years ago surfing in Piha.

A next job was in a local take away Adey’s on the South Beach. Awesome spot, communication with people, service and sometimes kitchen hand in a Surf Club Restaurant. After a first week, I made my first 800$ for 54 hours of work. So you can make money here. You have to try hard and have at least little bit of luckiness.

  • Dry toilet door


Surfing in Piha Beach is quite rough. Waves are big and especially in winter, it is crazy. Big, messy, really hard to learn something. At the end of summer, I enjoyed a few good waves but it was not easy anyway. It is a beach where a Piha Rescue reality show takes a place. You can see the real rescue missions on TV in New Zealand and Australia.

South Piha works really well when there is a nice sand bank. It is not every time but during summer it is often. Then you can get nice waves from chest size to overhead barrels. A really interesting feature is a hole in a camel rock where you can paddle directly through the rock to the lineup. It will get you to the Bar which is the spot why is Piha so popular for surfing.

North Piha is for more experienced surfers but there are some nice spots. Old Mans, River Mouth, Monkey Rock, Caves. Old Mans is called like this because there is a nice rip next to the Lion Rock which gets you directly to the line up without too much paddling. The spot Caves is a magic. At the end of North Piha surrounded by steep rocks. There you can have nice rights but also lefts towards the hill.

  • South Piha with the Lion Rock

White Beach

White Beach is a wild beauty. This name underlines the spot because every time, I was there, the waves were broken and the whole beach was white. Not many people surf there because of bad availability and deep water. The best is to take a walk on Marawhara Track going from a beginning of North Piha to the top of the hills through a beautiful forest. Spectacular views of the Piha and surroundings is incredible. You can also continue to Anawata Beach which has a beautiful lagune created by a river.

  • North Piha Sunset

Leaving Piha

The first month was over and I made the necessary money for my next trip. I bought an awesome car Toyota Estima, got a surfboard and went to next location which was Whangamata – Surf N Stay. One month of surfing on beautiful nice waves of Whangamata in front of me. So from a wilderness to a nice maintained football field – this is how I would compare these two surfing spots, Whangamata and Piha.

Piha is incredible. So many nice people I met there who helped me. Especially Brenda Walked, I mention her once again here. Thank you. People of Piha have a nice life there. Piha is not far from Auckland but the mountains of Waitākere Ranges make it a little bit more difficult to reach which creates a nice and calm oasis. The time goes its own way there. Thank you, Piha.

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