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Laingholm – part two, uncertainty and a Piha attempt (5th day in NZ)

The third day in Benoit’s house was also my last day there. What now? I knew I had to find a place to stay and some job to earn some money for upcoming trips in New Zealand. I said to myself that I should follow what I like – surfing. Piha was only 25 km far from there so I decided to try my luckiness there. Otherwise, I would go to New Plymouth (as the Maori guy told me – the third article in Auckland).

I took my backpack, camera and went hitchhiking. The second car stopped and I got in. We went through a curvy road through Waitākere Ranges Regional Park which is a land of tropical forest. Suddenly trees slightly faded away and I could see a stunning view of Piha beach, sharp hills covered with forest and a Lion Rock which is a dominant of the place. Top.

Piha the view
Piha, the view

Accommodation and a job

After a short walk on the beach, I felt like this is the place and went to try finding a job. Where to start? Of course. A local store. I went there asking for some information about anything. They sent me to a local takeaway: Adey’s – Fish’N’Chips which sits on the South Piha Beach. Good vibes, loud music, cool guys and young spirit of the place got me and I thought that this could be a place. I asked for a job young guy named Kim, left a phone number there and he sent me to a place called Black Sand Lodge to try to find an accommodation. In exchange for a few photos of the house, the lady told me that she can try to call her friend. She might have had something for me. She called saying: “Common, he’s lovely!” The friend agreed and said that I can come next day. It was Brenda. 🙂 Sorted. I felt really good. Going uphill trying to find some work in a local surf shop, I got a call from Adey’s. “Hey bro, come down, the boss might have something for you.” Wohooo. I went down and met Adrian – the owner of Adey’s and restaurant at Surf Club. We had a little chat and then he told me: “if you have a place to stay here, you can start working even tomorrow.” It was a good news because I already had a place to stay. Yeah, It was cool.

Adey's Fish'N'Chips
Adey’s Fish’N’Chips

With accommodation and a job sorted I went to hitchhike back to Laingholm thinking about my luckiness. On top of it, a guy from a North Piha stopped and took me to a road to Laingholm. It was Danny. He told me he had been repairing a shack so I offered him my services. He agreed so I had two jobs. A good day. I was meant to be there.

Two jobs and accommodation after 3 hours in Piha? I started to feel a little bit nervous how lucky I was. I went back to Laingholm for my last night there. I cooked a dinner – Svratecký guláš to Benoit and guys, which is a special meal from my hometown. It was a good day.

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