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Hong Kong

After a few moments of struggling, I found a bus. I knew that all the busses from the airport have a free wifi so I texted my friend about my coming. Fortunately, it was easy to get off the bus at the right location because everything is written also in English.

Hong Kong in the night
Hong Kong in the night

I got off the bus waiting for my host. All around there were the same huge buildings. After a while, there were two girls heading towards me from a subway and with loud greetings they welcome me.  It was Freida and Kiwi. Thanks to Chan Mei Tung I got accommodation in Frieda’s flat so I didn’t have to spend money on expensive hostels. The flat was on 36th floor in a really tall building. There was some kind of neighborhood consisted of 5 or 6 tall buildings. These neighborhood are in Hong Kong common and they consist of shopping malls, flats, gyms, offices and other forms of entertainment. Some people live there, work there and shop there. So they don’t have to travel long distances for a work. In one hand it is a really good idea on the other it could be kind of isolation.

Hot shower refreshed me after a long flight and we went to the city. The subway is really long. You can hardly see the end of the train. I, Frieda and Kiwi were waiting for others to join us. A really loud guy appeared offering me a sex. What? 😀 Behind him was a lady. The difference in height between me and her was something about 50 cm so it was a really funny moment. I didn’t know how to react to these two people. I was really surprised. Together we went for a dinner in a small street which looks exactly the same as I had known it from movies. Restaurants, take aways of all kind of food I had never seen and a market full of vegetables, clothes and unnecessary things. The streets there are really vibrant and lively. We had really good food and fun. I was just wondering and staring at all these things around me.

Hike and a fishing village

Next day Kiwi picked me up at Frieda’s house. We should have gone to a Lion mountain but it was already too late so we changed the plan. Instead of Lion Mountain, we went to a nice hike outside of the city. But at first a breakfast in a typical breakfast place. An omelet, noodles and a beautiful ice coffee which was so good. We were ready to set off. The surrounding of Hong Kong is amazing. Islands, hills, forest and an enormous city.

Hong Kong in the morning from a Frieda's flat
Hong Kong in the morning from Frieda’s flat

Fishing village

The hike ended up in a small fishing village. People literally live on the sea sometimes with their families. The feeling from a modern city rapidly disappeared and I felt like one century back. Locals lured on their sea food specialties and a good vibe goes through the whole place like the time had stopped.

Concert, dinner and a jam in a local underground club

After the return, we went to a local fast food/restaurant and had an amazing sandwich. Specialty in Hong Kong is to serve hot water to every guest. I enjoyed it. It doesn’t matter if it is 40°C, you will get a hot water. This habit comes from a Chinese medicine and I somehow enjoyed it.


I returned to my accommodation, had a rest and headed back to the city. I had a meeting with Frieda in a subway. After a while of struggling, I finally found an entrance to a subway. After a half hour, we got to the city. And I was stunned. Buildings so huge with so many different colors. Church in a basement of a skyscraper and rest of it there are offices of the church. A really funny contrast was to see a bamboo scaffolding on a super modern skyscraper.z


On the concert a I met my friend who had organised all that for me. Miss Mei Tung. We had met each other in Brno and had talked just for a half hour and even after such short time of knowing each other she helped me to enjoy the Hong Kong with her friends in such a way I would never experienced on my own. The concert was just amazing. An alternative pop band from Kuala Lumpur pleased my ears with a beautiful voice of the singer and a really stylish and talented bass guitar player. I melted and just listened to a music with background of night Hong Kong. Becherovka also fulfilled its purpose. An organiser of the concert went to me a few times asking where is the delicious Czech drink.


After the concert I was invited to a restaurant with Mei Tung and Frieda. It was a vegetarian restaurant in a center of Hong Kong. Even if it was in the second floor it was still expensive but I was invited by them and I didn’t have to pay for the dinner. I wanted to pay for my food but they didn’t let me to do it. I would need it during my traveling they told.

Jam session

After the dinner we went for a walk through the Hong Kong streets. They showed me some things which were typical and some things that supposed to look as a typical but were made up just for a tourist’s eye because it looked good. When Frieda left us with Mei Tung we headed to a local underground pub. Ringed to a bell opened a door walked in. The first thing I saw was a photo of a Brno’s astronomical clock during some art performance which was really funny to see how popular it is. Then I bought a beer and joined the jam session in third floor with the other international guys. I joined on a bass guitar and later guitar and voice. After few minutes we entertained the whole pub.

The fun was so good that I didn’t watch the clock and suddenly there were 3am. I felt so exhausted and felt a pain in my throat. Mei Tung should had brought me to a Frieda’s place but it was really far from her. So she just put me into a bus and sent me to the Frieda’s talking to a bus driver to let me know on the bus stop to get off. A crazy drive. 90 km/h through the city. I though we would crash somewhere. Old bus and mad driver. I felt so relieved when he dropped the brakes shouting something in Chinese at me. I left the bus to go to sleep at Frieda’s. Luckily I found it.

Flight to Auckland

Next day I woke up feeling surprisingly good. My body maybe knew that there is going to be another exhausting flight so it made its best to recover. Frieda took me to a bus to an airport. It was Sunday so she continued to a church to visit her friends. On the airport I just booked my stay in Auckland for 2 nights which was the only certainty for my 12 month experience in New Zealand. Then I just thought about my awesome experience in Hong Kong. Thank you Mei Tung, Frieda and Kiwi for amazing three days in your country.

A dream about New Zealand
A dream about New Zealand

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