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First day in Piha Beach, accommodation and a bachelor party

The last night in Laingholm was good. “Svratecký guláš” – the food I cooked – had a success and at night I slept well. I felt good and ready to set off to Piha. I packed my stuff, said goodbye to Benoit and went to hitchhike to Piha.

The first car took me half way to a spot where I hitchhiked again on a quite clear place I would say. Thumb up, waiting for a car to take me, I saw a couple coming in an older Ford Mondeo. Staring at me like I was a god, the driver braked so hard that the cars behind him almost hit him. Left, right, left, right, the cars were sliding on the road, almost hitting themselves. And I just gazed on the situation with open mouth. Luckily, nobody got hit. The driver got a big fuck up from a lady driving behind him. Good for him. Anyway, I went with the guy who braked so hard. They asked me if I am the dangerous hitchhiker. Asking them the same question, I sat into the car and we set off. The driver was a little bit absentminded and a bold head with a swastika on his wrist had something in common, I guess. 😀 I was glad that I arrived ok.

Accommodation and Brenda Walker

I got myself to the address, went trough a modern coastal house and got to a turquoise house with a sigh AROHA (in Maori language LOVE). Brenda Walker welcomed me and showed me the tent behind the house. It was my bedroom with comfy mattress and a little wardrobe. It can sound funny being in a tent for a month but the place was just for a sleeping. I could use the whole house and especially a garden whirlpool with water not going under 38°C. It was a luxury, especially after work.

Brenda Walker lives in the house together with her three dogs. She was so kind to let me stay in her house just for a little help around. She rents the modern coastal house on AirB’n’B on Marine Parade – worth a visit, beautiful spot. During my stay with her, I met a number of people as they visited her. Both friends and family members. I listened to the stories, jokes and how she helped people around her who got into critical life situations. So big heart. I highly appreciate and respect her for this. 🙂

  • The AROHA House

The bachelor party

After making myself home at the place I went to explore Piha. I got to a local Long Bowling Club. It is really cool game. You play on a really delicate lawn and you try to get as close as possible to a little white ball on the other side of the playground. Bowls are asymmetrical so if you throw it goes on a curved trajectory. Kind of tricky but it makes the game so funny and exciting.

A beer and a hot dog on a stick. For a while, I watched a group of drunk guys doing stupid things in the club. In a moment a was offered with a shot and I joined them. It was a bachelor party and it was really wild. I had a camera so I got a task to document all party in exchange for a drinks and beers. Good offer. We went through Bowl Club, RSA and finished at a house they rented. Wrestling, drinking game and all sort of bullshits was on and I enjoyed it. Next day I woke up totally drunk and after 2 hours getting sober I realized that I lost my necklace and a watch. Fortunately, in three days I found it all. It was a great first day in Piha.

  • Long Bowling

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