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Beggining, flight: Prague – Istambul – Hong Kong

To pack my things and have a flight to the other side of the word was quite a challenge. I wanted to take all my stuff with me but this is not how it works. So I had to leave most of my winter clothes and my beloved snowboard. 

Above the classic things my friends from game me a small travel solar panel and a solar power bank, so if I am lost in nature I can still use my Instagram and do some selfies. The panel works great. 7% of battery (iPhone 5s) in approximately 10 minutes at the direct sun. Before I left I used a voucher for a new camera which my parents gave me.

solar panel

Ready to set off

It is not easy to go so far away from such a good family I have back home. Neither for me nor for the others. One year is a long time but I am pretty sure it is gonna run fast. My parents gave me a lift to the airport in Prague which was really comfy, so thank you for this guys. The last goodbye through the glass wall and then the door closed heartlessly. It was kind of an emotional moment. But after the door closed I was already thinking about the upcoming adventure.

glass door
glass door

The flight to Istambul

Unfortunately, I am sometimes paranoid. This is why I was a little bit terrified from the long flight. What if the engine fell off? Or both? Luckily there was really nice lady Lenka sitting next to me so after a few embarrassing jokes I was able to relax and enjoy the flight. The flight was with Turkish Airlines and I must say that the services are awesome. Good beer, good wine, good food. Lenka continued from Istambul to JAR for a safari with her husband so hopefully, they enjoyed their time and safely came back. Thank you for a nice company and a coffee in Istambul’s airport. I also had my first online facebook entry but fortunately, it didn’t work so I didn’t embarrass myself.

lenka a j

Flight to Hong Kong

A bigger plane, but the seat in the middle. On the right side next to me there was a Chinese girl who had her first trip to Europe. She wanted to talk to me about it but then she realized that I can’t speak Chinese and she can’t speak English. Mission incomplete. But I know now that they are not allowed to have a facebook in China. Poor guys. The flight was with Turkish Airline again which was a pleasure. The town called Ganja somewhere in India appeared on the flight map. It had really got me. Above the Nepal, we got into turbulences so I could not sleep properly but even with this, the flight was really nice. The landing was an interesting part of the flight because the airport is built on an island so it looks like landing on a carrier.

foto travel

Hong Kong awaits

After the landing, I tried to find the exit from the airport. When I left the huge airport of Hong Kong I could feel the light warm breeze of Asian evening bringing me the essence of new adventure. I found a bus which brought me to my new friend. Thanks to her I will have a bed and arranged things to do in Hong Kong. Then I was just gazing and I could not keep up.

welcome to hong kong

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