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Auckland, New Zealand – the adventure begins

I was sitting in a plane heading to Auckland. The sun was slowly showing it’s beams when I first saw the relief of New Zealand. Beautiful morning, excitement and unknown land created a special feeling of new beginning. It is like staring at an empty checkerboard when the figures are not on it’s positions yet and you are your only enemy. It doesn’t matter which movement would be the first one because without a plan there are no expectations. And so I became a part of the game which I controlled only from above and let the figures move its own directions.

We landed. The first thing I saw was an incredible green color. It was so vibrant that I could not believe. Maybe it is caused by a thin ozone layer above New Zealand so the sun is really strong. I took a bus to a centre and found a hostel – YHA Auckland International. After a check in I went to a city for an exploration and to get my NZ phone number, bank account and IRD number (necessary for a work). I got only the phone number, the other stuff I got the next day.

The first feelings from Auckland were mixed. At first I thought that it is a really cool city and I could imagine living here but then I changed my mind. One and a half million inhabitants, really bad infrastructure, public transportation almost doesn’t exist at least in a way we europeans are used to. It looks like a huge village with a tiny modern city centre.

That night I went for a jogging to a Mount Eden which is an inactive volcano. There are many inactive volcanos around the Auckland. That’s why it is said that Auckland lies on thousands volcanos. The night view was really not interesting. Lights of little houses all around and the small downtown. That is all. Maybe it was the contrast with the Hong Kong. A foiled picture bellow is more interesting than it was in fact.

Auckland at night
Auckland at night


First night in the hostel I met the other travellers. A German, German and again a German. On top of it they were all around 19 so I was like I should had come 6 years before. If you want to practise a German come to any hostel in New Zealand. You will have many opportunities. Otherwise hostel was really nice and what I really appreciated was a free basket of food from the other travellers who had already left.

IRD number and a bank account

The second day I went to a bank and a post to acquire my IRD number and a bank account. The Kiwi Bank and a post were in the same building so I could do all my stuff in one building. The office worker told me that I have to apply for the account online so I sat on the floor in a bank, connected to a wifi and called an online office worker to sort my things out. It was really funny because nobody cared that there is a barefoot young guy sitting on the floor in the bank.

When I got back to the hostel all people were wondering that I had all things sorted. Some people sat in the hostel for even a week and didn’t even have their phone number. Such a lazybones. 😀

A Maori guy

Having everything sorted I went to buy some beers. I got back and went to a hostel’s common room in a basement. Sat down and chilled. Suddenly the doors opened and a big Maori guy around his 60s entered the room saying a loud hallo. He sat down offering me a beer. I had my own but we started to talk. I was quite wondering what was he doing there. He started to talk about New Zealand’s history and when I told him I don’t know where to go from Auckland he told me to go to South Taranaki writing me an address of his friend. “He’s gonna give you a job in a diary farm and an accommodation bro. Surf is awesome down there,” he said. He didn’t know the phone number but he told me to go to New Plymouth to find a number in a phonebook. I was really excited about it but felt little bit not sure in the same time. But I told to myself if I had no other opportunity I’d go.

That day I met one more weird person. A fanatic from Fiji shouting that he is going to redeem all the city. He was homeless probably and I was little bit scared that he would try to rob me.

Maori guy and me

The third day – what now?

The third day I woke up and I wanted to prolong my stay in the hostel. Unfortunately or fortunately all hostels in the city were booked. On top of it I was not prepared for a journey to South Taranaki yet and it was already a noon and I was afraid that I would have to sleep on the street that night.

A couchsurfing was the only chance for me. I wrote about 30 messages. After a few hours of struggling there was a message. The message was from Benoit writing me to come so he saved my ass. The only problem was that he was from Laingholm which was 25 km west from Auckland. So I set off to Laingholm at 6 pm. The first move was done affecting next events, shaping the Wonderway of J.


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